Online ISSN: 2189-0544 Print ISSN: 0037-1017
公益社団法人日本生化学会 The Japanese Biochemical Society
Journal of Japanese Biochemical Society 89(2): 282-285 (2017)

みにれびゅうMini Review

ミトコンドリアタンパク質搬入孔,TOM複合体の分子形態と機能Molecular architecture and function of mitochondrial protein entry gate

Monash大学微生物学部Lithgow Lab, Infection and Immunity Program, Biomedicine Discovery Institute and Department of Microbiology, Monash University ◇ Wellington Rd & Blackburn Rd, Clayton VIC 3800, Australia ◇ Wellington Rd & Blackburn Rd, Clayton VIC 3800, Australia

発行日:2017年4月25日Published: April 25, 2017

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